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How can Orainti help you?

Results-driven SEO Consultancy to achieve your business goals.


Orainti offers highly personalized, results-driven SEO consultancy, taking into consideration the characteristics and requirements of each organization, as well as the existing competition and industry challenges, in order to offer highly actionable recommendations, validation and on-going support to achieve SEO goals, by providing:

Grow your Business 
Organic Search  Revenue

Orainti SEO Consultancy
International SEO

International and Multilingual SEO

Multilingual and Multicountry SEO advice to help you expand your Website search results and conquer new international markets across the world.

Ecommerce SEO

and SaaS SEO 

Grow your Ecommerce, marketplaces, and SaaS website organic search revenue with an effective SEO strategy leveraging in-depth industry know-how and experience.

SEO Audits

SEO Audits and Ongoing Processes

A solutions-driven, prioritized SEO audit and recommendations to establish a winning SEO action plan with ongoing validations to grow your results to achieve business goals.

SEO Strategy

Enterprise and Startup SEO Strategy

Strategic SEO recommendations that are tied to your revenue objectives,  business requirements and constraints that allow you to achieve your goals.

SEO Training

In-House Team SEO Training

Personalized technical, content, international and strategical SEO workshops and training to grow your company's team's SEO knowledge.

SEO Advice

On-demand SEO Advice

International, technical and strategical SEO validation for specific challenges: From Web migrations, market launch, to rebranding or redesign.

About Orainti

About Orainti

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Aleyda Solis Speaking
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Orainti is a boutique SEO consultancy with the mission of giving scalable, sustainable, transparent and highly personalized search engine optimization advice focused on growing enterprise-level or startups clients online search visibility and profits. From helping world renowned brands to startups in competitive SEO industries, to multilingual enterprise-level environments or Web migrations: Orainti has not only developed deep SEO know-how but also diverse experience that is used to succeed in challenging scenarios. Orainti was founded in 2014 by Aleyda Solis after working at different SEO agencies and as an in-house SEO specialist. She's an award-winning and experienced SEO consultant, author & speaker, with +15 years of SEO experience in European, American and Latin-American companies.

Led by Aleyda, experienced SEO consultant, author and speaker

Aleyda Solis is an SEO professional with +15 years of experience, awarded European Search Personality of the Year in 2018, included as one of the 10 Most Influential SEO Experts of 2022 by List Wire from USA Today, she's a frequent contributor to the SEO industry. Speaking at +100 events across +20 countries in English and Spanish, helping the SEO community to stay updated with the SEOFOMO newsletter, and curating the free Learning SEO Roadmap,, among other initiatives. 

Why Orainti?

We're not a typical SEO agency

Personalized support

to a small number of clients

Data-driven and results

oriented SEO advice


value-focused SEO approach

Aleyda Solis - SEO Consultant - Interview

Maximize your Organic Web Search Growth

Hire Orainti to obtain experienced and highly personalized advice that will help you grow your organic search visibility, and achieve your business goals. 


What Clients Say


Matt Hurn,

Senior Director of Marketing, Turo

I consider Orainti an extension of my internal team due to how collaborative, sharp, and quick they are to meet our competitive landscape. Orainti has done an excellent job of understanding our business objectives and industry – then seamlessly translating that into an SEO playbook that is actionable for both marketers and engineers. I appreciate the attention to detail that goes into their reporting along with very specific action items and follow through.


Dora Trostanetsky,

Growth Marketing Lead, Trade Republic

We've been very fortunate to work with Aleyda who is the ultimate expert when it comes to SEO. Her professionalism and knowledge are remarkable and made our work so much easier. She helped us identify content and technical gaps and gave recommendations on how to tackle these and in which priority. I hope to work with her again in the future.


Vahagn Sarksyan,

Senior Director, Growth Marketing, Krisp

It was a great pleasure to work with Aleyda and her fantastic team. Orainti helped us reinvent our SEO strategy and adapt it to our changing business model and demand generation needs. Our team was delighted with the level of technical knowledge and expertise Orainti displayed, as well as the level of professionalism and ownership. There are a few SEO experts in the world who also bring a deep understanding of the entire business and marketing needs, and Aleyda is definitely one of them.


David Adams,

Founder, Sniffspot

I have worked with many SEO consultants and Aleyda has been night and day the best. Aleyda delivered a comprehensive SEO strategy and has overseen executing it. While our SEO traffic was hardly growing before working with Aleyda, since working with Aleyda for a year we have seen our SEO traffic grow 500%. Our SEO revenue has grown in line. Working with her has been the best thing we ever did for our SEO and I have already personally referred several companies to work with Aleyda.

Orainti is trusted by established enterprises and startups

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